As a Christian Church, any and all parts of our facilities are primarily used for the advancement, promotion, exercise and support of our Christian beliefs. Due to the nature of our Christian mission, outside rental of our building is limited.  It is our policy that no activity carried out on our premises can be in violation, or perceived in violation, of the elements that make up Fellowship Baptist’s Christian nature.  Any activities that are contrary represent sufficient reason not to enter into a rental agreement or to void it if contrary actions come up subsequent to the agreement being signed.  The following link lists our theological beliefs:

The following Guidelines have been provided to ensure proper use of the facilities by organizations, government agencies, businesses, and individuals wishing to rent or use our facilities: 

Vision, Values, & Purposes

Statement of Faith

Marriage Guidelines

1)     I have read and acknowledged the three attached documents (Vision, Values & Purposes; Statement of Faith; and Marriage Policy) and verify that the activities for which the rental of these facilities is being used will in not in any way conflict with the Christian mission, values and beliefs of Fellowship Baptist Church.

2)     As the primary purpose of Fellowship Baptist Church is towards its Christian Mission, all requests for renting any and all parts of our facilities will be assessed by the church’s pastoral staff or board of directors as part of the application process.  Requests may be restricted or rejected if considered contrary to the church’s Vision, Values & Purposes; Statement of Faith; and/or Marriage Guidelines (herein ‘Mission’), or conflict with existing ministry and facility usage.

3)     The Ministries of Fellowship Baptist Church will take precedence over any time available for rental.

4)     All requests for renting our facilities must receive final approval by our pastoral staff and signed by a Board of Directors’ representative to ensure compliance with the church Mission prior to the Rental Agreement becoming effective.

5)     No unsafe or illegal activity will be allowed and, if engaged in contrary to the policy, it is cause for immediate revocation the Rental Agreement on the terms set out for doing so.

6)     All insurance and indemnity requirements are the responsibility of the renter.

7)     All other requirements and restrictions will be guided by the specifics set out in the Rental Agreement with the renter.

8)     The assigned person of authority representing Fellowship Baptist Church at the rental event will have exclusive rights to take appropriate corrective action, up to and including immediate cessation of the event, if it is determined the Rental Policy and Rental Agreement are not properly being adhered to.

9)     The application for renting Fellowship Baptist Church facilities will consist of:
a.     Acknowledgement and acceptance of our Rental Policy and Christian Mission Disclaimer;
b.     Completion of an Application Form, and acceptance of all its Terms and Conditions and Statement of Responsibility;
c.     Approval by our pastoral staff and representative of the Board of Directors.