Our vision as a church is that we would be a regional church raising up disciples of Christ to be dynamic witnesses for Him and to glorify God.

We envision Fellowship Baptist as a regional church that takes the task of ministering throughout Northumberland seriously. One church, with one purpose and one goal meeting in three locations.  

A church that equips, empowers and sends out its members into the community to reach the lost and yet who drives home the truth of the word of God in discipleship within the church.

We envision a church with vibrant worship, where people expect to meet with God every week, and a community that does life together in small groups. We envision a church that laughs together, plays together and works together for the glory of God. 

We foresee a place where we spur each other on, where the fear of failure doesn’t prevent steps of faith, and where ‘change’ and creativity are embraced as we share the good news of Christ with the lost.  

We imagine a church whose vision is for the lost both here and around the world, and that doesn’t just support missions but participates in it, and partners with our missionaries.

We envision a church who is devoted to reaching Northumberland with the gospel and takes special care and interest to raise up the kids who come and reach those who don’t.  We envision our children waking up their parents on Sunday morning excited to go to church. 

We foresee adapting our facility to better meet the needs of discipling the saved and ministering to the unsaved. 



The following are the nine values of Fellowship Baptist Church:

Prayer: Vibrant and dependent prayer 

Family: A loving, caring family atmosphere for all people

Concern for the Lost: A church where unbelievers, who matter to God find they matter to us

Worship: Worship services where people meet with God and respond by glorifying Him 

Missions: Missions as an essential part of God’s call for His church

Service: A church where God’s people serve Him with commitment and excellence 

Mercy: A church where we share God’s heart for the poor and suffering 

Children: Pursuing excellence in children’s ministry as vital to the future of the church 

Embrace Change: Embracing change to effectively portray the unchanging truths of the gospel